Email Marketing Basics

In today’s business climate, you have to be more creative in your marketing endeavors. That’s why email marketing for your business is a must. Email marketing can be fairly basic, or you can create something that requires more time. Either way, email marketing can be a huge boost to your business!

If you aren’t sure where to start, we are here to help! We’re excited to bring you this guide on how to start an email marketing strategy for your business. With a few basic principles, you’ll be ready to wow your client email list with enticing email campaigns.

In this guide you can expect to learn about the importance of:



With email marketing, you can market and promote appointments, products, or specials through an email campaign that you send to your contact lists.

We have worked with many companies that have increased their revenue while decreasing their cost of marketing by simply using email marketing to reach their customers.

We believe the trick is to be consistent with your messages, don’t email too often, and make sure you are giving your customers something valuable.

So where do you start? We suggest… start with getting a list of emails together!


What’s the best way to add new emails to your list?

There are a few different ways you can acquire customers’ email addresses. Some ideas include having a sign up form on your website, posting direct links via social media, or asking them for their email addresses when they come into your business.

Here are a few other ideas you can use to build your email list:

  • Whenever a client calls you, ask if they would like to be added to your mailing list.
  • Networking events are the perfect place to get people to sign up.
  • Send an e- newsletter and give customers the option to opt in to other emails from your business.

These are just a few ways you can build your email marketing list over time. You should always offer clients the option to sign up to receive emails from your business. You cannot just send random emails to customers in your database.


Think about one of the last emails you opened from a company that grabbed your attention. It most likely contained a promotion.

A lot of email campaigns work because they offer customers perks for giving away their email addresses. Business owners can take advantage of the fact that clients love promotions by offering their customers amazing deals and specials through an email marketing campaign.

This is especially true when you offer specials via email that you do not offer anywhere else. A great way to grab clients’ attention is through a compelling subject line. Take the time to create something you think will grab their interest.

Some ideas for subject lines that hook your clients include:

  • Use words like “Exclusive” to make them feel like they’re getting a special deal.
  • Include a percentage discount so they get an idea of the perks of opening the email.
  • Employ language like “You’re in!” so they feel like they’re included in a special offer.


This can also apply to your business. While email marketing can be beneficial to your business, you have to strike the right balance of how often you send your clients marketing emails.

The key to make your business email marketing campaign work is to not overdo it.

Do not send too many emails, because this increases the likelihood of customers unsubscribing.

Strive to create a healthy balance. Think about how frequently you like to receive promotional emails, and use this same logic when creating your business’s email marketing campaigns.

Ever get a barrage of emails after adding yourself to a company’s email list, and then immediately regret ever signing up?

We’re happy you took the time to read this guide and hope these tips give you ideas to improve your email marketing strategy. It’s never too late to implement these concepts, and using robust business management software can put you on the fast track to creating a stronger email marketing strategy. Bookafy can help you implement all of these tips, so feel free to call us at 1.800-849-9935 or visit for a free trial.

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