Guide To Social Media Campaigns That Will Help You Maximize Engagement

Guide to social media campaigns that will help you maximize engagement | bookafy


Thinking about starting a social media campaign but don’t know how to go about it? If you have new features to show off, a holiday to capitalize on, or launching a new product, there are several ways for you to start a social media campaign.

However, if you want a successful social media campaign, you should build a solid plan and strategy. In that case, you need data insights to help you make the right decisions to improve your chances of maximizing engagement. 

Based on research, every month, there are over two billion active users on Facebook, over a billion on Instagram, and Twitter has about 365 million users globally. Furthermore, 77% of the United States population has at least a social media account. 

People use social media for various reasons, such as texting friends, keeping in touch with people overseas, or networking, and marketers are fully aware of that.

With millions, even billions of people checking their phones for notifications from their social media accounts while on the move, chilling out, or working, coming up with a successful campaign plan shouldn’t be that hard.

Why You Need A Social Media Campaign? 

If you are not yet convinced, let’s look at why you should execute a social media campaign and how it will help your efforts to build your brand and maximize engagement. 

  • Serves As Your Blueprint 

At the base of social media campaigns lies a clear vision of how far you want to go as a brand. What are your plans? Where do you want to see yourself in a decade? These factors influence what should and shouldn’t be added to your social media campaign. Remember that you need this social media campaign to maximize your brand’s engagement. 

  • Your Competition Might Already Have An Active Campaign 

Social media is essential and certainly not a second choice – it’s mandatory. This is because your competition already has one. As you aim to see your brand grow, you should be active on social media campaigns! It is essential for marketing now. 

  • Drives Customer Engagement 

One great advantage of social media campaigns is how they can make people connect and engage with your brand. Even those who are shy to reach out to you to make inquiries will be active on social media. Many people are more convenient virtually, making them feel comfortable engaging with brands via social media campaigns. 

  • Increases Brand Awareness 

Increasing brand awareness via social media campaigns shouldn’t take much time. Based on research, just by spending a couple of hours each week on social media, 91% of marketers noted a significant increase in their brand visibility. Executing a social media campaign will greatly build your online presence, which will, in turn, promote brand trust and confidence.

10 Tips On Creating Your Social Media Campaign 

This guide has several tips to help you create a killer social media campaign. You should know that strategies can differ depending on the industry, social media channel, and type of campaign. 

However, setting realistic goals is very vital. 

Research Your Competition

While planning your social media campaign, you should consider studying your competition. Which brands are similar to yours? How are they hacking social media for engagement? Which brands have campaigns that turned out to be a success? Do these brands usually offer incentives? How is the engagement in their social media posts? 

You should know what works best for your industry by asking and finding answers to these questions. You should also figure out how to make your campaign as unique as possible. Look out for inspiration elsewhere, especially if your competition isn’t active on social media or you don’t find their previous campaign styles fit your brand. Find the right campaigns to inspire you to apply certain styles, tones, or a particular message to your social media campaign. 

Know Your Target Audience 

One great aspect of creating a social media campaign is getting to choose who sees your adverts. This tool comes in very handy! You know ads are slightly expensive, right? So imagine creating a social media campaign and launching it without narrowing it down to your target audience. Users who come across your campaign and aren’t interested in your brand won’t engage, and you will lose money. And that’s money spent with no possible ROI. So to boost your chances of success, you should consider:

  • Making your campaign fit for your target audience
  • Not trying to reach out to a lot of people and end up getting none
  • Thinking about consumer demographics and interest

If you’re not a social media expert, knowing where and how best to begin can be challenging. You may want to consider hiring someone with experience in the field or investing some time into learning about this topic so that your business will have no trouble attracting new clients through its posted content! Field experts usually offer methodical client onboarding processes where they take their time to understand your business needs and target audience.

Choose Your Social Media Channels

To run social media campaigns, you are more likely to get favorable results when you stick to the platforms your audience is on. Figure out your target audience’s favorite social media platform and include it. In most cases, it is based on the kind of products or services that your brand offers.

Another approach to choosing a social media platform for your campaign is to go through analytics from your website. Which social media platforms do most of your website clicks come from?

Also, each social media platform has its respective content type that works best. For instance, what’s best on Instagram marketing may not work well on Twitter, and LinkedIn is way different than your usual social media.

Post Quality Content 

Content with pictures or videos mostly does better than those without. Also, infographics that are pretty easy to understand are appealing to users. People usually retain information when social media content comes with pictures. Linking your brand website is crucial to keep users interested and direct them to your website.

Furthermore, you should pay close attention to the length of your posts. Users are likely not to engage with posts that are too lengthy. To maximize your social media campaign with quality images, you should consider:

  • Formating the image size for each social media channel
  • Use pictures with high resolution
  • Obtaining permission to use pictures, or rather go for royalty-free photos. 

Have A Social Media Campaign Calendar 

As you handle a social media campaign, time is of the essence. With a social media calendar, you can plan your content using a timeline template from the start of your campaign to the end. With a calendar present, your team knows what should be posted and when. Important tasks that a calendar should have include:

  • Content creation – for timely creation of content
  • Posting time- periods that created content should be shared
  • Platform- which content goes on what platform
  • Team advocacy – if your team post updates on their social media accounts

You can use a simple project management software to plan and coordinate with your team members. With a social media calendar, you shouldn’t skip any important step throughout your campaign and, at the same time, help you make the most out of your time.

Schedule Your Post With Scheduling Software

Given that coming up with engaging content and steadily keeping up with your followers may consume time, you can quickly have your campaign posts scheduled ahead of time to help you save time.

Scheduling tools like Bookafy let you schedule your content with photos, videos, and hashtags, book appointments with automated calendar syncing, text reminders, and much more! With a scheduling tool, you can plan what should be done beforehand to prevent you from scrambling when the time comes. This should help you automate routine tasks  throughout the campaign and ensure everything is going according to plan.

Keep Track Of Results From Your Campaign 

Irrespective of how you plan your campaign, the level of success should be your interest. To know how well you are doing so far, you need an analytics tool to help you measure throughout the campaign. 

A nice approach is using Google Analytics metric tracking tool. With that, you should be aware of information like the traffic generated from the campaign, how many new subscribers you get, your engagement charts, and changes in website traffic and sales. 

Respond And Communicate With Followers 

Here comes the critical part! Be sure that you keep the reactions and interactions of your Facebook followers monitored. You are likely to get feedback like shares, likes, and comments. This is good news because it suggests that your followers are engaging, but not responding to them could harm your brand. So you should be very active and always acknowledge your followers; in the long run, you’d be glad you did so!

Offer Incentives 

Another approach to help maximize engagement and build trust with your social media campaign is by offering incentives. People love getting free stuff from brands. So as you include things like giveaways in your campaign, users are more likely to engage. Also, they could share your campaign post, increasing brand awareness. 

Use A Catchy Call To Action

Finally, don’t forget about this part! You might think it’s small, but this is essential to your entire campaign process. Remember to devise a clear and catching call-to-action (CTA). This instructs your followers on what they should do next. A CTA is crucial as it drives direct engagement to your brand, invites followers to join contests, etc. The aim is to attract and convince them to become customers.


To succeed in your social media campaign, you must devise a solid plan. This includes setting realistic goals. After that, you should get to know your audience more, use a scheduling tool to plan your entire process, and track how well the campaign is going. 

With the possibility of engaging with users, publishing your content to many people, and the pocket-friendly nature, social media campaigns are great for both the brand and social media users. Start by creating and publishing engaging content for social media users and maximize the engagement around your brand. By following the steps listed in this guide, you should be more than ready to create a successful social media campaign.

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