How To Increase Sales Volume In 2023?

How to increase sales volume in 2023? | bookafy


Your business is growing steadily—sales are coming in consistently, and customers are happy. But you’re worried that the pace of this growth isn’t good enough to remain competitive for long.

One surefire way to ramp up sales performance and accelerate the growth rate for any business is by tracking and improving the sales volume.

Sales volume tracks the number of customers you bring in within a given period. Think of it as a litmus test to measure the effectiveness of your sales strategy and team performance.

In this article, we’ll break down the concept of sales volume and walk you through six best practices for increasing sales volume. 

What Is Sales Volume?

Sales volume defines the number of products/units you sell in a given period. Instead of analyzing performance in terms of revenue, this metric focuses solely on the deals closed over a fixed duration. The volume for different products/services can vary, revealing your best and worst-performing items. It also gives you deeper visibility into your team’s performance.

Businesses can also use this data to optimize the sales funnel for each product and adapt their strategy to maximize conversions. 

Here’s the formula for calculating sales volume:

(Units of individual product sold x 100) ÷ Total units of all products sold = Sales volume percentage

For example, a skincare brand sold 1000 eye creams in a month and 5000 products in total. So, the sales volume for the eye cream would be:

(1000 x 100) ÷ 5000 = 20% of total sales

Boosting Your Sales Volume: 6 Actionable Tips To Drive Business Growth In 2023

Now that we’ve clarified what sales volume is and how to calculate it, it’s time to answer the bigger question: how to increase sales volume?

A higher sales volume means more units sold, higher revenue generated, and better performance achieved. We sourced six proven tips to help you steadily increase your sales volume and accomplish all these benefits. 

Double Down On Personalization To Build Trust

Gone are the days when spammy and pushy sales tactics brought you conversions. Today, trust is the biggest currency for modern businesses.

88% of customers believe trust is more important in times of change. To win over these shoppers and turn them into clients, you need to cultivate a trustworthy, meaningful relationship from the outset.

There’s no magic formula to earn your buyers’ trust, but personalization comes close. Delivering a personalized buying experience can make customers feel valued, increase their satisfaction, and give you an edge over the competitors—eventually leading to more sales.

Research also shows that buyers increasingly demand personalized experiences in every aspect of the buying process.

Here are a few ways to design tailored customer experiences:

  • Actively collect and analyze customer data from multiple sources
  • Modify your messaging and communication for different personas 
  • Lean on your CRM database to deliver personalized customer support
  • Run personalized cold email campaigns using email automation

The Bottom Line: personalization tells potential buyers how well you understand their needs and convinces them to buy from you. Use it effectively to gain their trust and sell more. 

Incentivize Sales Staff To Enhance Sales Velocity

Your sales volume numbers ultimately boil down to your reps’ performance—how many units they can sell in a given period. One of the most effective ways to boost this performance is by incentivizing reps to achieve higher sales velocity.

Sales velocity measures the speed at which a salesperson can generate a specific amount of revenue. It tracks their efficiency in hitting the required quota by selling enough units.

By focusing on the sales velocity, your reps would focus on closing more deals rather than chasing only the big-ticket leads. As a result, your sales volume will automatically increase. Let’s look at three tactics to incentivize reps to improve their sales velocity:

  • Conduct outbound prospecting to give your team more selling opportunities
  • Introduce tools like Bookafy to simplify and shorten the sales cycle to help 
  • Offer incentives based on win rates over other performance KPIs

With Bookafy, your sales staff can easily schedule and manage appointments with prospects to close more deals. The integrated platform with calendar syncing, automated meeting reminders, and an in-depth admin dashboard makes it easy for salespeople to track their appointments and put their best foot forward in every call.

Use such tools and offer your customers the possibility to automatically book a discovery call, then ask the right questions and present your offering. Record and analyze the call, then optimize your automated processes based on the information you learned and re-train your team. Reward your SDR’s for the number of discovery calls they make in a week and reward the employee of the week with the best results.

Align Your Marketing Efforts With The Sales Strategy

The buyer journey isn’t linear anymore. So, while people used to consider sales and marketing as two sides of the spectrum, you need to coordinate these strategies effectively to deliver a seamless buying experience.

Misalignment in your sales and marketing efforts can hurt your growth potential and tank your sales volume. A mismatched buying process will turn leads away from your brand and result in wasted resources.

By better coordinating these teams, businesses can create a unified buying process to sell more units quickly. So, we curated this list of best practices to tactfully merge your sales and marketing efforts:

  • Create a single view of your typical customer journey to map all potential touchpoints across the funnel
  • Make your messaging consistent across various marketing channels and outreach on LinkedIn and cold emails
  • Go for a marketing-first approach to reach your target audience through search-optimized content
  • Collect customer feedback to understand their pain points and expectations, then use this Voice of Customer data for advertising 

Bookafy offers a seamless platform to bring your marketing and sales teams on the same page. Marketing teams can design custom landing pages and modify the settings for your appointments, like buffer time, email and SMS notifications, time zones, and more. 

At the same time, sales teams can get an end-to-end view of all the appointments and allocate these calls automatically to streamline the backend workflows.

Deliver A Seamless And Engaging Customer Experience

Customer experience covers all the actions a customer takes before and after buying from a business. They can face multiple issues in the process—like payment failure, products running out of stock, inability to place an order, etc.

Brands can increase sales volumes by eliminating these friction points from the buying process to nudge customers toward a purchase.

Given that 65% of customers consider great experiences as a key driving factor for their decisions, it’s crucial for you to improve and optimize your CX with these proven tips:

  • Interact with your buyers to identify their biggest pain points and challenges
  • Anticipate your customers’ expectations beforehand to offer exactly what they need
  • Analyze points where prospects drop off from the funnel and find the source of friction
  • Engage your prospects on social media platforms and expand your following with Instagram growth services.

While these tactics will help you win more sales from first-time customers, you can boost customer lifetime value to sell more to your existing customers.   

Prioritize Existing Customers To Increase Repeat Purchases

Retaining your current customers will cost you far lower than acquiring new ones. Keeping customers happy for long is a way of winning their loyalty and becoming their trusted partner. This long-term relationship will guarantee repeat purchases and increase your sales volume.

Another huge benefit of retaining customers is the opportunity for upselling and cross-selling more products/services. You can sell complementary items to your loyal clients since they already trust your company and would be willing to try other products/services you offer. 

For example, if you want to increase eCommerce sales, you can focus on selling different product bundles to your loyal customers. You don’t have to invest many resources to convince these customers to buy other items. 

Create A Strong Lead Qualification And Nurturing Framework

One of the biggest reasons sales reps fail to meet their quotas is spending too much time on the wrong prospects. If your sales volume has been sluggish for a while, it’s a sign that you’re reaching out to the wrong people.

You need a foolproof lead qualification and nurturing plan to spend your team’s time more efficiently and increase your sales numbers. Qualifying prospects helps you filter out the leads that don’t fit properly into your ideal customer profile—people who won’t buy from you.

Separating the good leads from the bad ones leaves you with only those with a high likelihood of converting. So, instead of wasting their time calling hundreds of prospects, your reps can focus on delivering a tailor-made pitch to a few solid leads. Bonus, you can easily automate outreach on LinkedIn using tools like Expandi or alternatives targeted toward only qualified leads.

What’s more, a good lead nurturing framework will guide your team on the best ways to engage and re-engage prospects throughout the buying journey. Leverage social selling tactics to nurture leads on social channels and follow these tips create a strategic nurturing framework.

Rev Up Your Sales Engine With These Strategies

Sales volume is one of the most pivotal indicators of your business performance. It tracks the number of units you’ve sold in a given period to calculate the demand for different products or services and analyze your reps’ performance. It also reveals the best-performing sales tactics in your strategy and pinpoints what’s lacking.

Increasing sales volume can directly impact your bottom line and offer long-term benefits, like more market share, stronger brand differentiation, and a high-performing sales team. 

Use our six recommended tactics in this article to optimize your sales strategy and sell more every month. Don’t forget to try Bookafy for a smoother, hassle-free appointment-setting process.

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