What Opportunities Can A Proxy Server Open Up For Your Business?

What opportunities can a proxy server open up for your business? | bookafy


Proxy servers are the modern solution to getting the most important means for any business to be successful in the 2022 market. However, many people still have limited information about proxies. A proxy server is an intermediary server between the user and the target resource. It hides your identity by concealing your IP address and assigning an alternative to you, thus, enhancing your privacy. Basically, proxies allow users to make indirect requests and receive responses from other network services.

Still, many people associate proxies just with anonymity and the fact that they help in web scraping to obtain crucial business data. But proxy servers offer users much more than that, so it is vital to know the various uses of proxies. In this article, you will discover most of the reasons to use proxies that all business leaders should know.

Main Business Use Cases For Proxies

Irrespective of your company’s size, you can reap the benefits of a proxy to protect your valuable data and gain a competitive edge in today’s marketplace. Making a successful data-driven decision is nearly impossible without accessing the required information, which is sometimes blocked due to website limitations or censorship. Datacenter proxies provide access to a more open Internet to analyze the market status and increase the chances of a successful investment.

There are several proxy types to choose from that excel at different tasks. Depending on your needs, you should know the difference between residential and data center proxies. Residential proxies come from real users and provide the highest trust score IP addresses. They are perfect for social media management, bypassing geo-blocks, and scraping data from challenging sources. Residential proxies are hard to identify and an excellent choice for operations that require privacy.

Datacenter proxies are the best when maximum availability and connection speed matter above all else. Because they come from datacenters, they are easy to identify, and most websites immediately notice datacenter IP addresses. However, numerous business operations don’t require privacy—for example, multi-channel download of massive files or Cloud services.

You can find a lot of relevant information about the main use cases for proxies on the Bright Data website.

Here’s how proxy servers can help your business:

Accessing Geo-blocked Content

There are many companies that work across borders, so it is crucial for them to gather data online for business strategies. However, sometimes, business owners find it difficult to get important data due to online restrictions like geo-blocking. Geo-blocking makes it difficult for users to access websites from other countries due to location differences.

Proxies play a unique role in such a situation. They can help companies bypass geo-blocks by masking their IP address and assigning their own instead. For instance, suppose you are connecting to a Chinese website from the USA and find yourself unable to access the content. In this scenario, you can use a China proxy to gain access. Using a China proxy, the site you access will see an IP address from China instead of your current location. They will then provide access to the site, enabling you to obtain the required data. If you’re curious, you can read more about how this works on Oxylabs website.

Web Scraping

To get a competitive advantage, it is essential for your marketing strategy to reach beyond ads and social media posts. You need to scrape the web and perform an analysis of your competitors’ information. To do this, you can use proxies that rotate IPs repeatedly, allowing you to scrape even huge websites. Moreover, you can use proxies to access local reviews and product rating sites. Switch the IP address to the country you want to inspect, and you can go over local websites that discuss the quality of your services. It’s an excellent way to get a first-hand opinion and improve accordingly.

If you require a sophisticated web scraping solution, consider using the Scraping Browser offered by Bright Data. With its built-in website unlocking automation, you can effortlessly conduct large-scale scraping operations.

Price Comparison

Online goods and subscription prices vary per region. Every business needs to get the best quality for the most affordable price. However, websites display prices according to your IP address. You can use proxy services to change your IP address and scout retail sites for the best purchase opportunities. Proxies also help automate this task. Instead of manually going through all the pages to gather price details, they will scrape retail sites with different IPs and collect the information in a well-organized format.

SEO Monitoring

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) monitoring helps to make your website rank in the search engine. It helps to boost the visibility of your website and draw more traffic to your page. For SEO monitoring and optimization, many people use proxies. A proxy server helps with SEO monitoring by supporting web scraping. It enhances the retrieval of data from various sources and its delivery in an organized format. The obtained data can be analyzed for gaining insights, finding out your competitors’ business strategies, popular keywords, and price monitoring, which will, in turn, help in SEO monitoring.

Social Media Management

Different social networking platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Pinterest are really cautious about running multiple social accounts from the same device. The proxy servers come in handy when you try to manage multiple social media accounts. Its advanced rotation makes it easier for you to reach out to different audiences, promote your business in different geographic locations, run social media campaigns, gain insights, and manage multiple accounts seamlessly. This is quite a common practice among social marketing media agencies.

Content Management

Proxies are utilized to control network traffic and access to specific content. Businesses often use proxies to control employee activity during working hours. Unrestricted Internet access negatively correlates with productivity, and it uses network bandwidth. It can significantly slow down Internet connection speed if someone on the company’s network uses it for HD streaming or personal downloads. A network administrator can deploy proxies to prevent users’ communication with blocked websites. For example, businesses frequently restrict access to social media, online games, and other time-wasting material.

Ad Verification

Another great use case of proxies is ad verification. First of all, proxy servers help to test your advertisements in different locations by enabling you to bypass geo-restriction and IP blocking. Next, these proxies help in detecting fraudulent ads without disclosing your actual identity. Basically, they hide your real IP address and allow you to detect irrelevant ads by remaining anonymous. This helps you stop your competitors from affecting your brand image.

Online Security

Proxy servers are commonly used by businesses to improve their online security. Data breaches get really taxing for businesses, resulting in great losses for the company. They don’t only cost money but also the trust of their customers. After all, who would prefer such a company that can’t keep its crucial information safe? With proxies, you can improve your online security and prevent cyber criminals from accessing your company’s sensitive data.

Final Thoughts

Proxy servers can be incredibly advantageous, not only for web users but for businesses too. Many businesses and social media marketing specialists started using proxies. Today, proxies are used for online privacy, SEO monitoring, social media monitoring, ad verification, data crawling, and alternative data collection. Therefore, to reap the benefits, choose good proxies and ensure trouble-free work. This will reduce the risk of blocking and leakage of crucial information and will enable you to count on maximum performance.

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