Using Smart Tech To Plan & Execute A Customer Journey Map

Using smart tech to plan & execute a customer journey map | bookafy


Understanding what the customer experiences while interacting with your brand is crucial for any business to deliver an impeccable customer experience. It can highlight the pain points, roadblocks, bottlenecks, or other areas that are hindering them from moving down the sales funnel.

Planning and executing a customer journey map can solve this.

But what is a customer journey map and how do you plan and execute it?

This blog explains what customer journey and customer journey maps are and how you can plan and execute them using smart tech.

What Is A Customer Journey Map?

Customer journey is the entire journey that your customer undertakes interacting with your brand while purchasing your product or service. In marketing lingo, it means the roadmap through the different stages- from brand discovery to consideration to purchase.

And what a customer journey map does is create a visual representation of the entire customer interaction from beginning their journey with the brand to the very end. This could be on digital channels or offline with your brand. This gives them a visual representation of the customer’s perspective while they interact with the brand and how they perceive it.

In simple terms, a customer journey map gets you into the mind of your customer as they engage with your product, service, or brand as a whole. It highlights their needs, perspective, challenges, and the complete process of moving from the awareness to the buying stage.

It describes all the touchpoints where the customer interacts with the brand. With the visual representation offered by a customer journey map, you can is a crucial tool that will help you in improving your overall customer experience.

How To Create & Implement Customer Journey Map?

Creating a customer journey map is the next most important step in order to improve your customer experience. By creating a customer journey map, you get a deeper understanding of your customers and identify their needs and wants across all stages. However, creating a customer journey map could be a bit of a challenge for businesses.

This is because there isn’t any particular strategy in place for customer journey mapping. There is no right or wrong way for you to create your customer journey map. However, there are some things that you can do and keep in mind while creating your map.

Create Your Buyer Personas

The first and foremost step that any business should take while building a customer journey map is to create its buyer persona. This is a representation of your ideal customer including their demographics, goals, challenges, stages in their buying journey, and more.

Perform In-depth Analysis & Research

Before creating any roadmap, the most crucial step is to perform in-depth research. This is how you would be able to collect the customer data required to map out your complete customer journey and assess their needs. This would include analytical research as well as anecdotal research. Ask questions at each step and make sure to understand the entire process from the customer’s point of view. Holding surveys to ask customers about their pain points, roadblocks, etc., could also be a great strategic move in this step.

Identify Their Touch Points

The next important step in planning a customer journey map is to identify the touch points. It would include each step or channel where the customer is interacting with your brand. Be it social media, ads, physical stores, customer service representatives, mobile website apps, or any other point of contact, make sure to identify them all. This would help you analyze the selling process and areas obstructing a seamless experience. All of these touchpoints should be included in your map as these are the points where the customer could leave valuable feedback.

Align Touchpoints With Stages

The next step is to create stages in the buyer journey and align the touchpoints in each stage. A normal buyer journey usually consists of four stages- awareness, consideration, decision, and post-purchase. Make sure that all your touchpoints are well organized within the stages to offer the right experience. Be it a SaaS product, a mobile application, an online store, or a simple website, make sure all your touchpoints are aligned with the stages in their buying journey. This would also assist you to create a marketing plan and send out required messages to push them down the sales funnel or even facilitate customer education.

These are some of the crucial steps or rather factors that you should consider when planning and implementing your customer journey map. Make sure to collect feedback at each of these touchpoints from your target customer and align it with business KPIs. This way, you would also know the changes required and which one to prioritize based on urgency and customer behavior.

Smart Tech That You Can Use To Plan Your Customer Journey Map

Offering a streamlined and seamless experience to customers is of utmost importance and a customer journey map can help you achieve that. However, customer journey mapping could be challenging considering the depth of research that’s required to be undertaken.

Tech To Make Your Customer Journey Mapping More Effective

As technology is simplifying and streamlining every business process, customer journey mapping is not left behind. Smart technologies like marketing automation platforms and digital experience platforms are enabling customers to better plan their journey and reach out to each channel more effectively.

Marketing Automation

One of the most effective ways that businesses can effectively plan and execute their customer journey maps is through marketing automation tools and platforms. These tools enable businesses to streamline their entire process of managing customer journeys and automate marketing messages in a way that they reach out through the right channel at the right touchpoint at the right time. They help create rule-based journeys that can be easily aligned with the customer journey and their goals.

Once you have the customer data in place, it is quite efficient to align them with the marketing automation tool. This could include:

  • Triggering emails on form submission
  • Automating newsletters or blog distribution
  • Enabling a better onboarding experience
  • Auto responses to comments
  • Integrating CRM with marketing automation
  • Collecting better metrics to develop more informed strategies

Make sure that while using marketing automation tools like Hubspot, Pardot, Salesforce, etc., for your business you are continuously monitoring the customer data collected by the platforms and continuously updating strategies.

Digital Experience Platforms

The next tech that is transforming the way businesses create and implement their customer journey map is through digital experience platforms. These are platforms that are a step ahead of content management systems and help businesses manage all aspects of their customer journey and their experience through each digital touchpoint in one place. Touted to be the future of customer experience, businesses can use these platforms to manage all the touchpoints from a single place.

Using digital experience platforms or DXPs businesses can streamline their entire customer journey to offer a seamless experience. It collects all the data and makes sure that every time the customer interacts with your business, the experience is better and more personalized than before. A complex set of rules, artificial intelligence algorithms, and large databases are put into action in a DXP to map out the journey and make it more personalized.

Tools To Plan & Create Customer Journey Map

When it comes to creating customer journey maps, there are several tools that have come in place to ease the process. Here are some of the popular smart tech tools that businesses can use to create their customer journey maps:

Lucidchart: With the aim to drive innovation through data collection and visualization, this tool. It has a user story mapping tool that lets you outline the way a user navigates across the site while reaching the point of sale.

Miro: This cloud-based tool offers a plethora of flexibility and customization opportunities to make customer journey maps more focused and visually appealing.

UXpressia: Creating customer journey maps, impact maps, personas, and more is easily done with this tool.

Smaply: Coming with different templates and the option to create customer journey maps from scratch, this cloud-based tool can be used to create maps more efficiently. It comes with several options like a communication journey, an empathy journey map, and more.

Gliffy: A simple tool with easy-to-use templates for creating customer journey maps and even other workflows. You can add different metrics and parameters to create your customer journey maps with this tool.

These were some of the main technologies that are simplifying and streamlining the way businesses create and execute their customer journey maps. You can also use these new-age technologies to create your own customer journey maps with ease.

On An Ending Note

Customer journey maps are essential for any business to analyze their customer requirements, assess pain points, and improve the overall customer experience. It can not just help you define your customer journey but also create a way to address their needs at each touchpoint across the digital customer journey.

Earlier businesses would need to create a complete workflow using pen and paper while analyzing the data submitted by their customers. Today, this is made simple by technology/ So, make sure to use smart tech and plan and execute your customer journey maps faster.

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