10 Ways To Support Small Businesses Without Spending A Dime

10 ways to support small businesses without spending a dime | bookafy


Ever since people have become aware of the E-commerce success rate, many small businesses have made their way into the market, and there is a dire need to pay attention to them, most notably to support the little ventures. The small businesses may not be making whooping profits, but their presence in the community is essential enough to give them an edge in the market. There is an absurd concept that to support the small causes, you need to invest as a customer, whereas to the contrary, there are numerous ways you can put effort into helping a small business entity you love.

Ways To Support Small Businesses

With the evolution of social media as the most powerful marketing platform, any small business can boost itself up with a dedicated social media management system. Ten interesting ways are suggested below to support small businesses without making forced purchases.

1. Sharing The Business

You can provide visibility to a fresh business by sharing their content creation on your social media platforms, Facebook, Youtube, and even Instagram. The more your connections will see the brand, the more it will bolster their sales, remarkably increasing brand awareness. Appreciation is another tactic that goes a long way. Commenting and liking the brand’s social media posts is a great gesture as it will boost their confidence and will leave a positive impact on entrepreneurs and creators, letting them know their content is being shared and supported.

2. Drop A Detailed Review Of The Services

If you love to stroll down online shopping platforms, the first thing you might do is read reviews on the product you are aiming to buy, no? We do that even with brands that have created a strong recognition with years of service; then imagine how difficult it would be for a small business to grab customers and make them try their services. You can lower this stress on your favorite small business by writing for them a detailed review about the reliability and quality of the products and services they are providing. Product review does a lot as it not only ranks the business in search results of similar buyers but also adds to the brand’s credibility, making it stand out among fraudulent ventures. As soon as the business is reviewed under Yelp or Google Maps, a dynamic increase in sales will surely be witnessed.

3. Sign Up For Their Blogs Content And Email List

Small business owners come out smarter with an intriguing content marketing strategy that works for their promotions and also updates about their new launches. Newsletters and blogs are popular mediums where most indie creators share their product updates, discounts, new launches, and so on. Subscribing to these mediums will keep you updated with what’s latest on your favorite brand’s side and will also help the brand improve its search rankings. Even if the business has no affiliate marketing links and no products in sale yet, spare some time out to explore the content they are sharing because the more you will spend your time doing so, the more their social media management system and search ranking will get improved, providing them monetization opportunities in the near future. However, do not lurk around irregularly, wasting your time by overly clicking the links and staring at the screen. Read the information, and you might find hidden discount codes and relevant information in the featured content.

Another medium that you can sign up for is the email list. This feature also brings perks for you, no matter what the small business is about, allowing you to speak directly with the owner, get exclusive discounts, and put forward your expectations from them as a company. Overall, it seems a small effort but can actually do a lot for a small business.

4. Use the Business Motto Or Hashtag In Your Posts About Them

Small businesses do not spend much on marketing as they have limited resources, and most of their branding relies on user-generated content. However, simply sharing a product does not work until you tell people what it is about and why you like it. Hit on the share button but before you post it, add the business hashtag, tagline motto, or any tactic they often use as a voice of their brand. This technique will not only make your friends and followers pay attention to the business. But clicking on the hashtag will also lead them to other products of the business, significantly keying to the growth of your favorite small business. This way, the business will drive effective sales and expand the brand’s customer network.

5. Follow the Social Media Accounts of the Business

Quite a Gen-Z idea to promote an entity, but that is how it works in this era of social media marketing. Having a large social media following might appear to be something you do not even bother about, but for small businesses, it can actually do wonders. This tactic works a ton for getting more Instagram followers, where the number of followers matters even to the platform itself. Instagram allows its users to attach links to products and websites on Instagram stories when the account reaches a following of 10K followers. A massive following also attracts corporate giants; even for a collaboration, they will go with entities with the largest social media followers. Moreover, leveraging the audience also becomes easier with a massive word of mouth supporting you on every social media platform. That is why, the next time you go to stalk your favorite small business, give them a follow to help them to establish a verified account, leading to bigger business opportunities.

6. Engage On Google Maps

Search for your small business on Google Maps and engage yourself with its google listing. It can be done in any way, look for directions, call customer service, drop a query on the help desk, look at the pricing, and so on. Exploring the small business through Google listing will improve the recommendations and ranking of the brand, notifying Google with an indirect review of users engaging more with this business.

7. Refer To Valuable Customers

Every business includes two parties, and if both lie in the similar category of loyalty and quality, the benefits for both parties increase strategically. You can do something similar to boost the sales of your favorite small business by referring it to worthy professionals. It can be in the form of collaborations, simple shout-outs, partnerships, and so on. Give word of mouth about the brand in your network, refer it to people, and engage them in profitable collaborations. This way, without spending a dime, you will be helping the business community in a great manner. 

8. Be Vocal About The Experiences

Social media has left no stone unturned to convince millennials to share every aspect of their lives, and no doubt, it appears as a sound marketing strategy for brands. So the easiest way to support any online business is to talk about it on your social media platforms, a genuine casual conversation on why you like the brand and how it has benefitted you will do wonders for the brand. Even if you made the purchase long ago, there is nothing to worry about; you can still talk about the business and help it grow better.

9. Provide Any Possible Assistance 

If the business lies under your expertise and is related to past experiences, provide assistance to the business owners. Sharing knowledge and experience always enhance your own, so this technique is the best idea you can execute. No, we are not suggesting you do full-time supervision for the brand. A mentoring session, a workshop, or a one-on-one guest session with brand owners can help them to acknowledge their loopholes and do better in the future. Suggest to them the best time to post on social media and motivate them to keep creating content. 

10. Share With Your Friends And Family

Personal recommendations to friends and family are effective only when you do it wholeheartedly with an aim to bring the brand into the limelight. If you have a WhatsApp group with your family or a discord session with friends, you can easily do the branding of the business, recommending others to try it once. Tell your loved ones you care about them and how this business can add value to their lifestyle; even if they do not use it now, they might consider it later on. This way, the business will achieve organic credibility and long-lasting customer support backing the future sales of the business as well.

Be a Genuine Supporter

Ten incredible ways to support the business you love for its services and quality. No hefty spending and no hassle; every effort has to do with you sitting on a couch, exploring your social media, and trying out the recommended suggestions.  Give honest feedback to the business owners and tell them where you see any room for improvement. If you love a brand, stay consistent with it and support its journey, join any webinars, live telecasts, opinion polls, and other activities to engage with the brand. Tell your friends and family also to do the same. Recommend them to use social media analytics tools to keep track of their progress. Being a genuine supporter will not only help the business to grow but will also contribute to the community’s profit margins.

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