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Bookafy + Cisco Webex

When an appointment is booked in Bookafy, you can automatically fetch a unique URL for your Cisco Webex meeting. Bookafy automatically creates the meeting in Cisco Webex, fetches the meeting URL and sends the meeting information to all parties via calendar sync, and confirmation/reminder emails.
Bookafy makes booking a meeting with a customer or prospect simple and automated with our Cisco Webex integration.

Automation will save an incredible amount of time!

Zoom meetings automated with online booking

Without Bookafy = 7-10 steps
With Bookafy = 1-2 steps

Bookafy automates the way video calls are booked, the way confirmations and reminders go out, how the meeting room link is sent to all parties.

Without Bookafy, an online meeting takes several steps to coordinate. Agreeing on a meeting time, creating link in your meeting software, adding the link to your calendar, sending a confirmation email, sending a reminder email with the link. Each meeting can take 7-10 steps.

With Bookafy, each meeting can be organized in 1-2 steps by the staff member. Share Calendar then simply click on the room link at the meeting time.

That's it. Bookafy will fetch the URL, add it to the calendar attachments, add the links to confirmation emails, automatically send text and email reminders with the room link.

We make it very very simple!

How to integrate with Cisco Webex

Frequently Asked Questions

Using Cisco Webex, can you have multiple users in Bookafy connecting with different links?
Yes. Each user inside of Bookafy can connect their own Cisco Webex profile to their Bookafy profile. This allows your organization to have an unlimited number of unique appointments happening at the same time with each user. Every user will generate a unique meeting ID that is associated with their own Cisco Webex account.

Can I use the free Bookafy account and the free web video software account
Yes. With the free Bookafy account you will not be able to fetch unique URLs for each meeting, but you can certainly connect your Cisco Webex room to each meeting and then we will automatically include your room link for each appointment in the calendar attachments, downloads, confirmation emails and reminder emails.

For a solo entrepreneur, this method works great! The downside is that all appointments will have the same link/ID, the upside is that it is simple to organize and you can use buffer times in Bookafy to make sure each appointment has enough time between to prevent two customers from showing up on the same link. When we first started out, this is how we operated! 🙂

Bookafy Integrates With the Apps You are Already Using

Webex booking integration | bookafy
Webex booking integration | bookafy

How our Cisco Webex Integration Works

1. Add our online appointment scheduling widget to your website, app and email signatures. 

2. Book Appointments for new appointments. 

3. Bookafy will fetch the unique Webex link and password and inject it into calendar events, confirmation and reminder messages.   

4. Automate the entire process of booking with multiple apps connected.

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"See why +25,000 organizations in 180 countries around the world trust Bookafy!

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"See why +25,000 organizations in 180 countries around the world trust Bookafy for their online appointment booking app!

Feature rich, beautiful and simple. Try it free for 7 days"

Casey Sullivan