What Exactly Is A Premium Domain Name?

What exactly is a premium domain name? | bookafy


Like business and company names, certain website names make a better and stronger impression than other alternatives. These names are generally more memorable and use popular keywords in a given industry. Furthermore, such compelling and catchy names tend to contain fewer numbers as well.

If you want to acquire domain names like these, they’ll likely come at a greater cost to you. Due to their higher price and value, they emerge as premium domain names. In this post, we discuss everything you need to know about these top names, how to buy them, and why they’re essential.

Factors That Make A Premium Name

A high domain cost alone doesn’t necessarily mean excellent quality. There are other characteristics and features that factor in and help define what makes website monikers desirable. Below are the factors that set a high-quality name apart from the millions of average ones.

Brevity & Simplicity

What’s easier to remember between the two – “” or “” You’d be likely to more easily remember the former. This is true because simple, brief names are naturally more memorable than long mouthfuls.

Thus, if you want an online brand that people will have an easy time remembering, always choose one that is brief and simple.

A Trustworthy TLD

The top-level domain or TLD is the second half or the ending of your website name. The most popular and commonly-used TLD is “.com” or the “dot-com.” Many quality names use “.com,” as it’s the staple, the easiest TLD to remember.

Depending on what your business does or the services you offer, you could also choose to go with a TLD containing a specific country code instead. It’s a great option if your target audience or clients are from a specific country.

Generic Value

The more generic the name, the more likely it’ll stick in your target audience’s mind. You’d be more likely to remember a website called “” rather than  “,” for example. The former is in layman’s terms, thus rendering it easier to remember.

Such simplicity and the brevity factor we just discussed go hand in hand. However, note that simpler domains come with a high price tag. If you plan to acquire one that has great potential, be sure that you’ve also got a sizable budget accounted for. 

Keyword Content 

Ensuring your website has the right keywords is one of the most important tasks in creating a website. Your website SEO is scored based on how well you use those keywords. However, unlike your web pages, your website name doesn’t have to have certain keywords to rank high in authority. 

For example, if you run a business in the beauty industry, you’ll have an increased SEO score if your name contains the keyword “beauty” or other related keywords. Yet, it’s not an absolute necessity to contain words like those. It only gives a boost to your score if you do. 


What are premium domains if not names of a higher price class? The average name ranges between $10 and $30. If you see one at a higher cost, that means you’ve found a first-class one.

The listing should also clearly explicitly label it as premium. This clarification is crucial so you’ll be sure you’re not buying a non-premium name at an inflated price.

Reasons To Go Premium 

As people judge books by their covers, your audience can also judge your e-commerce store by its name. As we said in the beginning, these high-end domains have better, more natural-sounding names. They add authenticity and are more memorable, giving you an edge over your competition.

Plus, it is just another startup cost among many. If you’re getting a name, why not go right to a first-class option from the get-go? It might cost more, but it’ll be worth the investment. 

How To Search For & Buy A Premium Doman Name?

So you’re ready to search the internet for a name for your website. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Go to a listing platform for premium domain names.
  2. Enter the name you want to acquire and find among the results the name that best suits your website. 
  3. Add the name to your cart. 
  4. Log in or register an account with your provider. 
  5. Provide the required contact information.
  6. Check out.

All you have left to do next is wait for the transfer to complete. Some listing services may require you to wait longer or do more back-and-forth work communication than others.

Did you know that you can also acquire website names that aren’t for sale? Approach the owner and make them an offer. 


Unlike ordinary options, premium names sound more natural, are more memorable, and create more authenticity for a website. They are brief, consist of top keywords, use reliable TLDs, and have more generic value. 

You buy these high-quality domains the same way you buy regular ones. You find them on premium-labeled listings.

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