How To Get More Appointment Bookings From LinkedIn Prospecting?

How to get more appointment bookings from linkedin prospecting? | bookafy


You have a fantastic company that you are very proud of. You produce high-quality work, get results, and your clients admire you. The issue is that you require more of such clients to help your organization expand and reach new heights.

As hectic as a business owner’s life is, there are only this many hours in a day. You MUST schedule more appointments with qualified prospects. However, you don’t have much time to spend locating and engaging with them. So, how to get more clients to keep your business up and running?

Appointment booking on social media

LinkedIn is a social media site for professionals. It allows you to connect with other like-minded individuals to share information, discuss ideas, and even make professional recommendations. Not only this, but LinkedIn is also great for direct prospecting.

So, here are some handy tips that may help you to increase appointment bookings via Linkedin prospecting. Before getting directly to the point let’s understand more about Linkedin Prospecting.

What is Linkedin Prospecting?

Linkedin prospecting is the step-by-step process of finding and focusing on your potential clients on Linkedin. This process includes finding the clients, connecting with them, and making an authentic relationship with them. You have to build and maintain an authentic relationship with each connection, understand their problems by scheduling meetings with them and then convert that connection into your potential customer.

All of the big corporations are on Linkedin, which means it’s a huge opportunity to get to know influential people and businesses in every industry imaginable.

Following are some useful tips that will help you for LinkedIn lead generation and to get more bookings.

Tips To Outstand Your Target Audience

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  • Profile Setup

Your profile is a showcase of your brand service. Make it more clear and specific about your services. This is how you will generate a consistent flow of organic prospects. Things you need to set up for your profile are:

  1. Latest profile photo
  2. Title
  3. Summary/About

Your profile photo should be the latest and preferably a headshot. Your confident photo will play an important role here. Your confident photo will play an important role here, so make sure it looks clean and professional. You can use an online background remover to make it look even better. Same as a profile photo, your title must have to be unique and specific about what position you have in your business/company.

  • Connect With Clients

For this, you can use Sales Navigator tools provided by LinkedIn itself. Here you can use the advanced search option for finding prospects. With the help of this tool, you can generate up to 500 to 1000 new prospects. You can use this list to connect with new people and get to know them.

  • Research

While using an email template for sending prospects to any client make sure it has some personalized touch. Don’t use an email with the same pattern for multiple clients. Do some research about the client you want to send an email to. Check their LinkedIn profile, try to understand their interest niche, their behavior by their activities on other’s posts. That’s how you do research and modify your email so you can convert this client into your potential customer.

  • Communication

Communication can do wonders for your business. So don’t just connect with people, communicate with them. Connect with them and try to engage with their posts. That’s how you can build a bond with them. You can showcase your work, past clients’ testimonials on your profile and you can ask your new clients to have a look and ask them to engage on your post if they like it.

  • Move Conversation Out Of LinkedIn

Once you have built a relationship with your connection, try to move the conversation out of LinkedIn. Because LinkedIn is a social media platform and your prospect can get distracted with your competitors so try to move this conversation to a more focused medium like emails. You can use some automation tools like GMass which will help you to create personalized messages automatically and can generate messages for different clients.

  • Be Helpful

Create and post content with keeping the target audience in mind. Make it simple to understand. So that you can attract your targeted audience toward your content and help them with it. Make content genuine and organic. Just don’t go for things like “Work with us, we will solve your problem.”  Offer some discounts, have giveaways that show how you can attract your audience and convert them into potential clients.

  • Short & Sweet Emails / Messages

Keep your way of communication medium crisp and precise. It may be Emails or direct messages on LinkedIn. Keep it to the point yet easy to understand. Try to focus on words that best describe your service or product.

  • Easy Booking System

When you use CTA or call to action in your email that redirects your client to the booking page of your website. Make it user-friendly so that clients can book an appointment with ease. A complicated booking system will lead you to lose your client. So make it a process that completes in just a few clicks.

  • Use Of Scheduling Tools

You can attach scheduling tools or any other tool to your booking system. You can integrate this type of tool into your booking page so that you and the client can get different alerts on booking. You can use this tool to keep track of the services you are providing for the time being. It will help you to work on time and never cross the deadline. Tools like this will come with no cost or affordable cost.

  • Keep In touch

Once you send an email or message to your prospect, don’t sit and wait for their reply. Instead of this, have a scheduled follow-up. Try to ask them whether they are facing some issue to respond or in booking appointments. A quick follow-up mail will give you a clear picture of their status, and there is no need to fill their inbox with continuous mails, as it will agitate them.


If you follow this method every day for 10 minutes, you’ll find yourself with a steady stream of new clients. If you find that you have additional time, increase the number of queries you submit to multiply your results even more.

Above mentioned tips are tried and tested by most of the companies and they are getting better results and having a good flow of prospects to their companies. These tips will surely help you with LinkedIn lead generation for your company. You can also use these tips for your personal branding and getting noticed by your targeted audience.

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