How To Get More Demo Booking For Your Product?

How to get more demo booking for your product? | bookafy


Tips To Improve Your Product’s Performance & Get More Demo Bookings

Although this may appear to be a simple question, the answer for many businesses may be more complicated. The purpose of a product differs from one firm to the next. Having said that, your ultimate goal should be to attract the best-fit visitors to your website and get more demo booking for your product so that you may convert them into loyal clients.

Converting visitors into customers will appear different in each case. Demo requests are an easy approach for many firms to identify sales-qualified leads and begin creating a more personal relationship with prospects. The design and optimization of your website can make or break your ability to convert visitors into demo requests.

Tips To Get More Demo Bookings

1. Strong Landing page

When a customer searches for the service or product your business provides, your SEO plays a vital role to drive that customer to your website. When you have strong, descriptive content regarding your product service landing page you have already won the half barrel.

Landing page

The first impression should intrigue the customers and let them take a halt to see what your website has to say. If your website doesn’t have a very strong landing page, the customer is more likely to close your website and go for other search results so it’s up to you for how you design a landing page that will hold a website visitor to a valuable customer process.

2. Customer Feedback

Do make sure that your users have an option to leave feedback on the tool somewhere in the tool itself. Customer feedback is something that you may frequently encounter as a SaaS product manager. They typically come in the form of ideas for product improvements shared with you by your end-users (or even internal team members).

The feature request management process includes handling anything from suggestions to modify and improve your UI to managing requests to integrate with other products your customers use, to ask for completely new functionality. You have to continuously communicate with internal stakeholders and your request-sharers regarding the status of requests they’ve made.

3. Use Automation Tools

If you are providing a service that helps customers save their time and energy to do a particular task they are more likely willing to try out your product to fulfill their needs. If your service has more demand in the market then you must have lined up bookings for the demo. Handling those bookings manually is not an easy task. It will take a lot of time for just one client.

To overcome this time-consuming problem, you can use any of the available automation tools which will help you to present a product demo to the client who is willing to use your product. Automation tools will save your time and will give a demo to the client efficiently once you feed all the demo details and instructions into the software.

4. Demo Preview & Call to Action (CTA)

Automation tools will help you to give a demo but previewing some users who are actually using and enjoying your product or service will increase your chances to get this deal. Preview can be a recorded video or previous customer’s testimonials anything.

Once the client had a demo and watched the demo preview or read the testimonials. It’s your chance to get that client into a valuable customer. Your call to action must be strong and easy to handle. Because you have just a few movements before that client changes his/her mind to not to give you any chance to serve if they don’t find an effective and quick call to action.

5. Additional Data

Some people prefer text data over recorded video. So it’s your responsibility to provide such a facility. You can also provide a text-based blog or a product quiz where you can showcase your brand product by product image gallery or detailed description about the product including its pros and cons. 

6. Smooth Lead Capturing Form

Once your CTA or Call To Action is visible, it’s time for your Lead capturing form. Your lead capturing form plays an important role to get a valuable customer for your brand product or service. So it must be that much capable to convert website visitors into leads.

While making this lead capturing form, keep the customer’s point of view in mind. The form must be smooth, and should not be lengthy. Must be filled and submitted in a few clicks. It must be an easier task for customers to book for your service.

7. Personalized message

Once the client has done all the above steps and finally booked a demo please make sure you send them a personalized email or message about the booking schedule. It will make a good impression on your client. The email or simple message can contain your scheduled time for product demo and meeting URL if any or address location along with the representative who will guide you through such process.


Above mentioned points or tips will definitely help you to get more demo booking for your product. Still, it’s not that easy. There are other points too, like SEO, content writing, responsive websites, using a referral system, and many more. As a business owner, it’s your duty to check all these things.

The main thing which will keep your clients to you and not go to other websites is how your representative behaves or explains your website. The more friendly and experienced your representative is, there are higher the chances to get more leads for your brand.


There is no single method for efficiently driving more demo requests through your website, but there are many techniques you may use to understand what drives success for your organisation. Iteration and experimentation are required on an ongoing basis, especially when it comes to creating the quality leads required to help your firm thrive.

Remember that if you create an entertaining website and design it with your ideal customer in mind, it will do the work for you. More product demos do not necessitate any radical ideas. It is often enough to simply remove the obstructions that are producing friction in your existing funnel. The important lesson is to examine your funnel carefully and determine where the friction is for you. Then, try out alternative ways to see if you can reduce the friction.

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