LXP in Business: What Is It and Why Does It Matter?

Lxp in business: what is it and why does it matter? | bookafy


Recognizing the importance of continual learning and development, small and big organizations have always encouraged their employees to learn and grow professionally. Due to this reason, corporate training seems to always have been there.

For decades, organizations relied on various Learning Management Systems (LMSs) to keep their employees ahead of the competition. However, just like everything else in the 21st century, the corporate training landscape has seen lots of changes over the past years.

Now, the new big thing in this field is LXP, and it has marked a new era in corporate training. What is it, and why does it matter so much? Read on to understand the concept of LXP and the benefits it can offer for businesses.

LXP in Business: Getting Clear on the Concept

If you are reading this right now just for your business class, the good news is that you can always get academic help online. Just find a reliable essay writing service and ask, “please, make an essay for me” to have all your academic matters covered by true pros. But, if you are genuinely interested in learning the concept of LXP, let’s look at the definition.

The abbreviation LXP translates as a learning experience platform. A learning experience platform is AI-driven consumer-grade software that was designed to deliver unique learning opportunities. Typically, such platforms combine helpful learning materials and content from various sources and organize them into personalized plans based on every user’s unique needs and interests.

How are LXPs better than LMSs? As was mentioned earlier, for many years, businesses have used LMSs to satisfy their corporate training needs. In a nutshell, the purpose of LMSs is the same as that of LXPs. However, being a much older concept, a learning management system had certain shortcomings. And learning experience platforms were designed to address those shortcomings.

Unlike LMSs, LXPs create much more diverse and robust learning environments. Such platforms are designed to meet the changing needs of corporate training, such as the need for adaptive, engaging, and personalized lifelong learning.

From the business perspective, LXPs have plenty of benefits. Now that you understand the term itself, let’s move on and look at the most significant advantages such platforms can bring to the table.

The Perks of LXP in Corporate Training

As you now know, an LXP is a crucial element in the corporate training landscape. Such platforms are designed to make training effective yet fun and help businesses ensure that their employees will get the best experiences.

But, what exactly is there for you? In the list below, we have gathered the top five benefits that explain why adopting LXPs is good for a business. Let’s move on and take a look at each of these perks.

More Personalization

One of the main drawbacks of LMSs used to be the lack of personalization. Learning management systems could only provide standardized learning opportunities that didn’t consider every employee’s unique needs. LXPs solve this problem.

Every learning experience platform is designed to offer unique opportunities to every user. The core idea behind an LXP is to identify every employee’s previous knowledge and existing gaps to create personalized learning content that works for them.

Why does it matter for a business? Providing identical training to all employees, regardless of their experience and skill set, is a counter-effective approach that can keep your team back from progress. However, by moving to an LXP and offering your employees personalized learning opportunities, you can empower them for growth and development. This way, you can help your team members become better and more productive professionals.

Better Learning Content

To many people, learning sounds like something extremely boring. In fact, learning can really get pretty boring, which can harm progress. But, whether your employees will hate corporate training or genuinely enjoy it depends solely on the delivery methods you use.

As was already mentioned, LXPs are bringing helpful content from various resources to a single place. How does this help? Thanks to this unique system, LXPs go far beyond traditional information delivery methods. Instead of boring users with textbooks, such platforms can also provide information using other, more engaging delivery methods, including blogs, articles, podcasts, videos, and even user-generated content.

As a result, LXPs make learning so much fun. Every user receives access to a huge amount of information presented in many different forms. Such diversity creates the perfect learning environment and also makes training more effective.

Social Media Features

One of the core ideas behind every LXP is social learning. This basically means that such platforms are designed to help users learn and socialize at the same time, which makes them look more like social media than like a learning system.

The interface and architecture of such platforms are very intuitive and easy to use. At the same time, it encourages collaborative engagement. On such platforms, users can create and share content, hold discussions, provide feedback, and do much more.

Together all these features make LXPs easy to use. And, apart from helping your employees learn, such platforms can also help them communicate and collaborate more. Eventually, this will help you create tighter bonds inside your team, which will definitely have a positive effect on the atmosphere in the workplace, as well as the team’s overall performance.

Opportunities for Gamification

Apart from including fun social media features, most LXPs also feature gamification options. As you probably know, gamification isn’t a new concept in education. It has been around for a while and has already proven to be extremely effective.

Basically, the goal of gamification in learning is to make the process fun. By providing learners with important information in the form of a game, you can keep them more engaged and motivated. What is more, it has been proven that gamified learning can also offer better retention of knowledge. And LXP has it all.

Combining corporate training and gamification can have plenty of benefits. This way, you can rest assured that your employees will really enjoy the learning process. At the same time, gamification will create a sense of competition, which is also known for boosting motivation in learners. So, as a result, you will be able to observe better performance and learning outcomes in your team members.

Better Engagement

One way or another, each of the LXP benefits we’ve discussed so far is aimed at creating an increased engagement in learners. So, it shouldn’t surprise you that the last benefit on our list is better engagement.

The combination of intuitiveness, personalization, social media features, and gamification creates a unique learning experience that empowers your employees and, at the same time, keeps them engaged.

Being able to discover the content they are interested in, create brand new content, and communicate can help your team members make the most of their corporate training. They stay engaged and motivated to perform at the top of their abilities. So, as a result, they show better learning outcomes.

What does this mean for a business? First of all, it means happy employees. But, what is not less important, it also means more competent employees who are genuinely interested in discovering new learning paths and continue growing personally and professionally.

The Bottom Line

Even the most successful business can start marking time and stop scaling if its staff stops developing. This fact alone proves the huge importance of LXP for business success. However, as you now know, there is even more to it than it seems at first glance.

Companies who move to a learning experience platform can enjoy a wide variety of benefits. As a result, they can see a boost in their employees’ satisfaction, productivity, knowledge retention, and work quality. So, if you were looking for the best corporate training opportunities, this might be it.

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